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Surfside Minyan


Father & Son
7:30 - 8:30 pm.  לע”נ גבריאל אלימלך בן בנימין יועץ
Includes Pizza, prizes, story and learning. 
This week is sponsored by Zev and Elana Jacoby 


Men’s Chavrusah Learning
Thursday nights 8:30 - 9:30 pm
In memory of Brad Cohen, Tzvi & Itty Ainsworth and Chaim Rosenberg obm

Mondays (Monthly)

Kabballah class 8:00-9:00
Please contact us for more information

For Women


Class on the Prophets
10:15 am 


Parsha Class: 8:30 pm

Shabbat afternoon

Please contact us for more information

Yeshivah College

Podcast Audio Classes

Daily Likutei Torah Bytes
Daily Halacha

Printable Articles

Weekly Parsha Halacha 
Yom Tov Laws & Customs

Smicha Program

Yeshivah College Rabbinical Seminary is a structured learning program which enables people who cannot study full time, master the topics in Jewish Law which lead to Smicha (Rabbinic Ordination).

The Smicha represents the culmination of four years of serious diligence in Torah learning. The students will study the topics including Bassar BeChalav, Hichos Shabbos, Tefillah, Yichud and Seder Birchos HaNehenin and will be tested annually and then retested on all of the material at a final exam.

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Mon, March 20 2023 27 Adar 5783